My Low-Sugar Journey: Update #2 (Sugar Addiction?)

This week has been filled with ups and downs. Some days, it has felt easy to avoid sugar. I’ve had some pretty awesome victories, like saying no to a chocolate malt (my favorite!) when we had dinner at The Habit. I’ve also struggled here and there, occasionally caving to cravings or using celebrations and social gatherings as an excuse to indulge.

From the beginning, I’ve said that I would seek to moderate rather than eliminate sugar in my diet, and that’s still my plan. However, I thought moderation would be easier than elimination, and I’m finding that that isn’t necessarily the case.

On Saturday, I ate a cupcake at my nephew’s birthday party. This was totally fine in theory. Moderation, remember? But that sugary treat seemed to activate a desire that had started to fade. Later that night, at another social gathering, the sugar seemed to call out to me. Fruit snacks? Why not? S’mores? Of course! Can’t have a campfire without s’mores, right? The next morning, I woke up with a headache. A sugar hangover, if you will. But the bender continued as I chose a pineapple juice spritzer at lunch, followed up with a shared slice of key lime pie and a stomachache.

It feels a little embarrassing to post this online, like I’m admitting a lack of willpower and discipline. In a way, I guess I am, but I think the problem is bigger than self-control. A quick Google search for “sugar addiction” turns up about 487,000 hits, so I’m clearly not alone. The more sugar I eat, the more I want, and since I don’t have any diagnosed health problems, it can be hard to stay motivated. Eating too much sugar doesn’t make me feel good, though, so I know I need to find a better balance.

In the past, I would have over-corrected, going on some kind of strict diet to compensate for the extra treats I consumed. Not this time. Instead, I am focusing on drinking more water. I’m also bringing my Fitbit Flex 2 out of its temporary retirement (the battery died a month or two ago and then I sort of forgot about it). I feel better when I drink water and take walks, so these things aren’t punishment, but acts of self-care.

I don’t have to be perfect to make progress.

Missed the first update? Click here to get caught up.

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