My Low-Sugar Journey: Update #5 (My No-Cooking, No-Dishes Meal Plan)

I couldn’t do it anymore. I was going to go NUTS if I kept eating in restaurants for every meal, so yesterday, I hit up Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck? We’ll get to that.) to buy some food that:

  • doesn’t require cooking (microwave excluded)
  • doesn’t require me to wash dishes (I don’t know where I put my dishes anyway…)
  • doesn’t have a ton of added sugar (My goal is to stay well below 6 teaspoons/24 grams per day.)
  • is relatively nutrient dense

Now, Whole Foods isn’t known for being cheap, but it is certainly cheaper than eating out every day, which is what we’ve been doing lately. I spent about $130, but I bought enough food to cover:

  • five breakfasts
  • ten lunches (five for me and five for my husband)
  • at least two dinners
  • about 15 snacks (some of which will carry into next week)

If we figure that each meal eaten out would cost an average of $10, I actually saved $40+ by shopping at Whole Foods. Best of all, the food I purchased is more nutritious than a lot of what I’ve been eating. Many of the items I bought are organic, and all of them–even the frozen meals–are free of highly processed chemical ingredients.

Here’s the basic plan:

Breakfast will be a Siggi’s yogurt and berries:


Lunch will be a frozen meal (generally containing some sort of vegetable) with some fruit: img_0708-1

Snacks will consist of fruit, nuts, or cheese.

We plan to eat dinner at Chipotle one night and at a friend’s house another night. Besides that, dinners will probably be additional frozen meals or picnic-style collections of snack foods.

Clearly, this week’s plan contains a lot of fruit and, yes, fruit contains natural sugar. However, I’m less concerned about that than usual. I’ve been craving fruit, and right now, I believe the nutritional benefits outweigh the downsides. I’m not a big salad or raw veggie fan, and without the equipment necessary to roast my veggies, I haven’t been eating nearly enough produce. I have to pick my battles.

What are you eating for breakfast and lunch this week? Tell me about it in the comments.


9 thoughts on “My Low-Sugar Journey: Update #5 (My No-Cooking, No-Dishes Meal Plan)

  1. Well, tonight is leftovers from a dinner party Friday! YUM! Kitchen function is imminent!
    Lunch was a chicken thigh (yup leftover from dinner Friday!)
    Last night was a salad and ribs from Friday. Sunday was tortellini with alfredo sauce, homemade garlic bread and a giant salad!

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  2. Lunch today was homemade vegetable soup (yum!) and watermelon cubes. I’ve been craving a lot fruit lately too! I’ve been justifying it by saying, “Well, the summer is ending (yes, I’m aware that it’s October) so I should enjoy them while they’re still around and affordable.”

    But now you’ve got me craving roasted fall veggies….

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  3. Jen, I just had an idea when I read this post. If you want to I could being our van over and park it in the street then you could cook and eat if you want as long as you don’t need an oven. Grandpa.



  4. Every time a new fruit comes back into season I start craving it, so right now I’m big on apples and pears. Im debating between apple protein waffles and pumpkin smoothies for breakfasts the rest of this week now that I’m home again. 🙂


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