Mid-week Update: Meal Planning Motivation

On Monday, I posted my no-cooking, no-dishes meal plan. So far, it has been a TREMENDOUS success. Today, I’m sharing the two biggest benefits that I’ve enjoyed as a result of that meal plan. I hope that they motivate you to plan ahead for healthy eating!

Benefit #1: More consistent energy levels and moods

It’s no secret that blood sugar levels impact how we feel. You’ve probably heard parents bemoan the “sugar highs” and “crashes” that cause their children’s crankiness after birthday parties and other events, but do you stop to think about how those blood sugar swings affect you? I know I don’t.

I do know that I get “hangry” when I go too long without food, but I don’t always recognize how much the quality of my food impacts my mood and energy. I’ve been eating more nutritious food this week, with more protein (and probably fewer carbs), and I am less tired in the afternoons and generally more positive about my day.

Benefit #2: More time

I’ve been able to sleep in a little longer each morning because I don’t have to budget extra time for a Starbucks stop. Somehow, I always talk myself into the idea that stopping at Starbucks is “quick,” but it really isn’t. I don’t have to drive more than a block out of my way, but depending on the line, it probably takes 15-20 minutes longer than grabbing breakfast at home.

I’ve also saved time in the evenings. Last night, I put together a plate of cheese, fresh fruit, and pre-made, baked falafel patties for dinner. It took less than five minutes and it was delicious. Obviously, a cooked meal would take longer, but even then, it takes less time than a restaurant meal.

My most common excuse for eating out is that I’m “too busy” to make meals at home. In reality, that isn’t the case. Taking an hour or two to prep and plan on the weekend actually saves time throughout the week.

Do you have a go-to quick meal? Link to it or tell me about it in the comments below!

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