Breaking Bad Habits | 30 Day Challenge?

Before I say anything, watch this video.

Did you watch it?

Ok, so am I the only person who thinks he makes it sound much too easy?

I’ve tried A LOT of “challenges.” Whole 30. No dessert. 30 Days of Yoga. 10,000 steps. I’ve tried the 21 Day Fix diet, a Couch-to-5K program, a half marathon training program, a juice fast, a Paleo diet. I’ve tried counting calories, macros, and glasses of water.

Guess how many times I’ve finished one of these challenges. Go on…


That’s pretty painful for me to admit. I did actually run a full 5K (in just under 40 minutes >.< ) and I did complete a half marathon, but I wasn’t properly trained for either of those events. It hurt–both physically and mentally.

Tomorrow is the first day of December, and I have some 2018 “resolutions” already in mind. But why wait? If I want to make a change, shouldn’t I just do it?

I think I have convinced myself that I’m doing okay because I don’t have any really bad habits, like smoking or gambling, but that’s pretty silly. I have about a million other bad habits, like hitting “snooze,” forgetting to take my vitamins, and starting things I don’t finish. I’d like to change that.

Is it really as simple as Matt Cutts makes it sound? I’m willing to try.

For the next 30 days, I’m going to use an app called “Steady” to track the following simple habits:

  • No snooze button (If I’m being honest, I think this will be the hardest one.)
  • Drink 64+ oz of water per day
  • Take a walk (no distance requirement)
  • Do yoga (no time requirement)

Yeah, it would be great to hit 10,000 steps every day. It would be nice to fit in a full 45-minute yoga practice or an hour-long workout. Unfortunately, that’s probably not super realistic. For once in my life, I’m going to try starting small.

Let’s do this.

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